At Brightmast we have built a set of Artificial Intelligence tools to make it easier and faster for your business to deploy AI.

Here at Brightmast we have invested heavily in developing a platform of AI tools, called Cognision™, which empowers your business to build custom solutions quickly and effectively for any process or decision problems you face, all without code or technical skills.

With agile implementation and no major IT transformation required, you can be live with our Digital Employees in just weeks with a solution that will go to work for you straight away.

Once you have built the solution, we equip you with the tools to maintain and build more solutions throughout your organisation.

Watch the video to see how Cognision™ can make agile, accessible, and affordable AI available to your business at scale.


Connect Your Data Seamlessly

Cognision™ is designed to integrate with both structured and unstructured data, working seamlessly with enterprise applications you already have in place.
Absense Management

Optimise And Automate 

As well as connecting your data, Cognision™ automates your business expertise and makes thousands of fully auditable human-like decisions a second.

Make Excellence the New Normal

Despite making thousands of decisions a second, Digital Employees don't make mistakes, improving your workflows and processes in a way that is scalable.

Improve Business Relationships

By improving workflows and processes in a scalable way, Cognision™ improves staff morale and supplier relationships, enabling you to focus on relationships and rapid growth.

Cognision™ empowers your business to solve problems...and keep solving them.

Most companies have invested heavily in training and compliance programs to ensure that staff understand rules and policies and have the correct experience to ensure that their jobs are performed in the most efficient way. With Cognision™ we have trained and deployed a number of Digital Employees to revolutionise front, middle, and back end business processes.

  • Funding Allocation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Risk Management
  • Customer Management
Ezra Ark Tab

In collaboration with NHS Scotland, we built a finance governance application using our suite of AI tools and trained a Digital Employee called Ezra to manage funding allocation across 125,000 NHS workers employed by the 21 Boards of NHS Scotland.

Previously, the highly complex budget allocation process took a whole team of people 10 days to perform.

Ezra can complete the task in 1 minute. It took 4 weeks to equip Ezra with all the rules, policies and procedures but now he works 24/7 and has removed the risk of very experienced staff retiring, leaving or being laid low with COVID.

Digital Employees: The Best of your business, non-stop.

A Digital Employee is a highly intelligent piece of software that can understand human communication, be trained to make complex decisions, and perform a variety of tasks across the business function.

We take your expert knowledge of rules and processes and train Digital Employees to use them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This enhances your business processes end to end, and provides the opportunity for an ROI that is both significant and rapid.

Digital Employees are always learning and always improving - we provide the tools for you to continue training and deploying them to meet the needs of your business quickly and effectively.

Ezra Homepage

Key Numbers


The number of complex decisions Ezra can make in a second.

1 Minute

The amount of time it took Ezra to undertake a task that took a team 10 days .


The number of queries Sophia has answered for NHS Suppliers in 6 months.


The percentage of supplier queries that Sophia answers instantly. 


Digital Employees offer the best of your business expertise all day, every day.

6 months

The typical amount of time it takes to see ROI.

Transform Your Business with powerful Artificial Intelligence that works for you.


Automate At Scale

Our tools allow you to make decisions faster and smarter. From healthcare to manufacturing or retail to financial services, the Cognision™ Platform enables your business to master decision-making processes at scale.

No-Code AI Studio 

Empower your technical and business teams to tap into a full stack of AI tools and collaborate to design and deploy Digital Employees at-scale in days, not months.

Enterprise Ready

Seamlessly integrate enterprise applications into your workflows for true unattended end-to-end automation. Get the most out of your applications without the need for major IT transformations.

People Focused

By tending to decision-making at scale, Cognision™ removes the everyday inconveniences and distractions that kill motivation, resulting in happier, more productive people.

Cognision in Action: Ask AP Revolutionises Accounts Payable in the NHS.

Ask AP has transformed the Accounts Payable function in ELFS Shared Services. By taking advantage of the powerful cognitive technology Ask AP offers, ELFS has been able to resolve invoice and payment queries unattended.

Ask AP and its Digital Employee Sophia have reduced calls to the AP function significantly, increased supplier and employee satisfaction, and freed up resources for vital frontline care. Sophia is handling over 80% of supplier invoice and payment queries, which is freeing up staff time to deal with more pressing and complex issues.

To learn more about how Ask AP is supporting the NHS suppliers see the case study below.






Ask AP White


Ask our clients...

GGornall Light Circle Crop

Graham Gornall

Managing Director, ELFS Shared Services.

"Shared Services is critical to delivering much needed efficiencies in the NHS as well as improving the services we provide. We are accelerating the roll out of the Ask AP service to 27,000 suppliers, which means we are able to provide an improved, more cost-effective service to more NHS Trusts without increasing our costs. We are also looking at how Intelligent Automation can improve services in other areas of our shared service operation."


Christopher Wroath

Director of NES Digital, NHS Education for Scotland

"NHS Education for Scotland and Brightmast will begin a PoV exercise in January 2020 to explore how Augmented Intelligence can be used to improve efficiency in back office administrative processing. Brightmast’s Cognision platform and Decision Modeler development tools will be used to build a cognitive agent to carry out a small number of administrative tasks in a single business process. The exercise is part of the wider TURAS programme, which seeks to modernize workforce support and digital capability across health and social care in Scotland by providing a single unified digital platform for health and social care professionals."


Gillian Laurie

Credit Controller, Capsticks LLP

"Ask AP is saving me time as I don’t have to make repeated calls to the help desk because I can now check the information online. Being able to see the remittances is also helpful because you can ensure that an invoice has been cleared for payment."


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